About Us

At Doing Good Works, our mission is to foster the purpose of business to improve lives and connect communities.

A culture of caring...

A culture of caring runs deep within our organization, and we designed our business based on a 10/20/30 model.

10% of profits fund empowerment and scholar programs for foster youth pursuing higher education. 

20% of employee hours are dedicated towards volunteer work of their choice.

30% of our new hires come from the foster community. ​


We believe all young people deserve an equal chance to succeed by gaining the knowledge, skills, awareness, and tools to feel empowered.



We repurpose our profits and leverage business models to fund programs that improve the lives of youth often overlooked in our local community.


We operate a full-service print, promotional merchandise, and packaging company in the heart of Orange County, CA, and have been able to impact the lives of over 1,500 young adults to date.