Our Mission

At Doing Good Works, it’s our mission to foster the purpose of business to improve lives and connect communities


In 2014, Scott Henderson and Jordan Bartlett became aware of some harsh realities surrounding the foster youth population:

1) There are 400,000+ kids in foster care everyday in the United States.

2) On average, 50% of these youth will become homeless or incarcerated after aging out of the system.

Both coming from corporate backgrounds, Jordan and Scott envisioned a business model where their areas of professional expertise could fuel their mission to help this overlooked population, and so Doing Good Works, a public benefit corporation, came to be. Today, we operate a full-service print, promotional merchandise, and packaging company in the heart of Orange County, CA, and have been able to impact over 800 individuals to date.


Our culture of caring goes deep within our organization, as we proudly feature a 10/20/30 business model. This means we allocate 10% of profits to our core mission, encourage employees to use 20% of their hours towards volunteer work of their choice, and strive to ensure that 30% of our new hires come from the population we serve.


Our commitment to social and environmental sustainability coupled with the dedication of our sustainability director and team has earned us business from notable clientele, and great eco-friendly office goals!


We believe all young people deserve an equal chance to succeed and access to the tools to empower them.


We repurpose our profits and leverage business models to fund programs that improve the lives of at-risk youth in the local community.