Wish Granted – A tablet for Tammy who wants to be a teacher!

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Tammy works hard to keep her grades up. She aspires to be a teacher one day and knows the only way that will happen is if she continues to better her education. Tammy would love to be able to complete some of her homework at home on her own tablet. Tammy is a very friendly child who dreams of [...]

Wish Granted – A computer desk and chair for Marco

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Marco needed a computer desk and chair for his laptop. He uses his laptop to complete homework assignments as he is pursuing his education to become a licensed plumber. Granting this wish gives Marco a designated study area that will allow him to concentrate and focus on his studies. Marco will be entering an independent living placement to further [...]

Once Upon a Dream

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s legacy is one of honor, courage and love. During the middle of the 20th century, a time of great divide and violence, his love for humanity broke through the evils of segregation. African Americans were unable to live like everyday citizens. They’d face discrimination and hate at nearly every corner they turned. They were [...]

Former Navy Seals Changing the Outcomes of Foster Youth

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Homeless or Incarcerated. This is the overwhelmingly common outcome for young people who age out of foster care. This has been the case for far too long, despite millions of dollars being used to fund programs in the hopes of changing these outcomes. While some small community programs have seen some signs of success, very little has been done [...]

Why We Give

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During holidays past or present, you may have experienced some grief. It may be frustrating to plan travel, stay healthy, or deal with family. Imagine having these same problems and not knowing where your family is, why they won't invite you over, where you're going to sleep next week, or how you're going to eat tomorrow. These issues, and more, are what [...]

The Necessity of Kindness

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Today’s world is evolving at a pace never before experienced by mankind. Day by day, we become more connected, more plugged in, and more together. The more connected we become, the more opportunities we have to #beKIND. Being kind is something we strive for daily at Doing Good Works. We know that kindness is love, and do our best [...]

An Inspiring Success Story: A Chat with an Unforgettable Starbucks Barista

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There are some people who light up a room and make you smile. Xia does just that. When you talk with her, whether for a few brief moments or during our thirty-minute visit backstage at Disneyland, you can sense her outgoing personality and positive outlook on life. Xia is bright, kind, and friendly. As you can imagine, these qualities [...]

Purveyors of the Good Life

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What is "the good life" to you? Here at Doing Good Works, we believe in the good life for all. But what does that really mean? We envision a world where the good you do for yourself benefits those around you, and it's on this vision that Doing Good Works was founded, and why we chose to incorporate as a Benefit Corporation to begin [...]

Praise Pumpkin

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  At Doing Good Works we know the importance of inspiring, encouraging, empowering, equipping and of course, doing good. And we know that a community of doing good starts right here in our office. That’s why we created the “Praise Pumpkin” initiative, as a central place where praise and encouragement can be shared in our work space. During the [...]