At Doing Good Works we know the importance of inspiring, encouraging, empowering, equipping and of course, doing good. And we know that a community of doing good starts right here in our office. That’s why we created the “Praise Pumpkin” initiative, as a central place where praise and encouragement can be shared in our work space.

During the work week team members are encouraged to submit letters of praise into our praise pumpkin(to go along with our sustainability initiatives we upcycled a pumpkin basket we had around the office to house our praise notes -thus the praise ‘pumpkin’ name). Then we kick off our Monday morning team meeting by reading the complimentary notes that have been submitted the week prior. These notes may range from “thanks for being so kind and supportive” to more specific praises such as “thanks for helping me with my tasks this week. I was able to get that done more effectively because of you.” No matter the context of the praise, it’s been a great bonding experience for our team to come together and collectively celebrate all of our accomplishments!


We believe that this praise initiative helps us in 7 ways:

1. It brings us together as a team

2. It helps us Do Good within our office, not just outside of it

3. It allows us to collectively celebrate each others accomplishments

4. It motivates and empowers our team

5. It encourages our team to appreciate other’s strengths and efforts

6. It creates a positive work environment

7. It allows each team member to shine

It’s been amazing to watch the room light up as the notes of appreciation are read, to see each team member shine, and to celebrate how each of us contributes to the success of Doing Good Works. And as these sweet and thoughtful notes are read our team smiles, laughs, and remembers all the reasons that make our work environment and the people here at Doing Good Works so special.

Our hope is that the praise pumpkin will continue to be a light in our office and a source of empowerment and encouragement for our team.We are so excited to continue Doing Good and noticing the good in each of our team members.

We encourage each of you to notice the little things that others do and let them know you appreciate it! And as always if you’re interested in connecting with us at Doing Good Works, we would love to do good together!

Doing Good Works team with the praise pumpkin!