Sometimes You Have to ask Yourself

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I often get asked why I started a business that at its core, has a purpose of helping young people who were aging out of foster care. The short answer:  how could I not! When I learned that over 50% of youth in the foster care community end up homeless, incarcerated or trafficked within 18 months of leaving the [...]

Wish Granted for Marco

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About the Youth: Marco needed a computer desk and chair for his laptop. He uses his laptop to complete homework assignments as he is pursuing his education to become a licensed plumber. Granting this wish gives Marco a designated study area that will allow him to concentrate and focus on his studies. Marco will be entering an independent living [...]

The Necessity of Kindness

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Today’s world is evolving at a pace never before experienced by mankind. Day by day, we become more connected, more plugged in, and more together. The more connected we become, the more opportunities we have to #beKIND. Being kind is something we strive for daily at Doing Good Works. We know that kindness is love, and do our best [...]