Sometimes You Have to ask Yourself

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I often get asked why I started a business that at its core, has a purpose of helping young people who were aging out of foster care. The short answer:  how could I not! When I learned that over 50% of youth in the foster care community end up homeless, incarcerated or trafficked within 18 months of leaving the [...]

Once Upon a Dream

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s legacy is one of honor, courage and love. During the middle of the 20th century, a time of great divide and violence, his love for humanity broke through the evils of segregation. African Americans were unable to live like everyday citizens. They’d face discrimination and hate at nearly every corner they turned. They were [...]

Former Navy Seals & Foster Youth

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Homeless or Incarcerated. This is the overwhelmingly common outcome for young people who age out of foster care. This has been the case for far too long, despite millions of dollars being used to fund programs in the hopes of changing these outcomes. While some small community programs have seen some signs of success, very little has been done [...]