We’re on a Mission to Do Good: Chris

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Meet Christopher Gonzalez, our Orange Coast College Mission Ambassador. Gonzalez is a fourth year Guardian Scholar at Orange Coast College majoring in Film and Television. Gonzalez is also part of four Honors Societies that keep him busy and motivated. In a short interview, he shares what it means to be a part of the Doing Good Works family. Gonzalez [...]

Sometimes You Have to ask Yourself

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I often get asked why I started a business that at its core, has a purpose of helping young people who were aging out of foster care. The short answer:  how could I not! When I learned that over 50% of youth in the foster care community end up homeless, incarcerated or trafficked within 18 months of leaving the [...]

Praise Pumpkin

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  At Doing Good Works we know the importance of inspiring, encouraging, empowering, equipping and of course, doing good. And we know that a community of doing good starts right here in our office. That’s why we created the “Praise Pumpkin” initiative, as a central place where praise and encouragement can be shared in our work space. During the [...]