Meet Christopher Gonzalez, our Orange Coast College Mission Ambassador.

Gonzalez is a fourth year Guardian Scholar at Orange Coast College majoring in Film and Television. Gonzalez is also part of four Honors Societies that keep him busy and motivated. In a short interview, he shares what it means to be a part of the Doing Good Works family.

Gonzalez shared his experience of partnering with DGW.

“As a former foster youth, I believe I am doing good by partnering with Doing Good Works as a mission ambassador. I am also part of four honor societies and am doing the best that I can to give back to my community. I believe that doing these types of jobs are able to influence current and former foster youth like myself knowing that it is very difficult for us to gain confidence or to look for the proper channels to learn the better ways of living.”

Giving back to the community is something that drives Chris, and by doing good, he feels accomplished.

“There are not a lot of chances for us out there, but I’m doing things differently. By partnering with Doing Good Works as a mission ambassador and also a Guardian Scholar here at Orange Coast College, I am developing connections that will last a lifetime that I’m thankful for. Connecting myself to these opportunities has helped me become a better person in life and I am really hoping that I am able to influence other foster youth that want to pick themselves up and carry on in life.”

Gonzalez ended our interview with positive affirmations.

“I am a former foster youth and I’ve gone through crazy things in my life but there is nothing that’s going to hold me back anymore. I am trying my best to Do Good and to teach others that doing good, works.”