It’s that time of year again, Valentines Day!

Red and pink colors fill the stores and love is in the air. Have you ever stopped to wonder what love is?  Love can be different for everyone. Love can feel different too. But the one thing we all know is that when we experience it, when we get it and definitely when we give it; we KNOW it.  Our question to ask today– Is it something you bring intentionally into your world daily?

This Valentine’s season, the DGW team spent some time reflecting about what love means to us. Here are 3 thoughts on Love:

1. With every action we take, we have the opportunity to be loving.

Day in and day out, work, school, family and life influence our well-being.  It’s important to bring love into each of these aspects of life to remind ourselves of what truly matters. A reminder that “we are enough” is often all it takes.

When we’re cognisant of how individual actions affect our lives, we can recognize the impact we have upon the lives of everyone; even those that we don’t see.  We refer to it as the ripple effect.

2. Love is a continuous set of actions, rather than a singular one.

Life is complex, actions are interwoven, and love compounds. Think about the currency of love and take a minute to marvel at the fact that it’s free; what do you do with yours?  Love yourself and love others as a way of life.

3. You are love.  We are all love. Be Love, Do Good. We hope these thoughts encourage you to love the world a little more. Remember to #BeKindBeLoveDoGood!

Happy Valentines Day from the DGW team <3