Another wish was granted this week! Doing Good Works has partnered with One Simple Wish to turn transactions into wishes. Below are the details of this wish!
About the Child:
Mach is 10 years old and is really excelling in school and is even on the Jr Beta Club. He has worked very hard and listened to his social worker and foster parents. He loves electronics, Legos, and basketball. He looks forward to getting his homework done and earning video game time everyday. Mach is a great kid that loves to please those around him. Over the past year Mach and three of his siblings have entered foster care one at a time. He also had an older sister age out of foster care. He lives with a foster mom who is a single parent.

About the Wish:

Mach is growing by leaps and bounds this summer! His toes are pushing out the end of his current pair of tennis shoes, so he really needs a pair that fit! His wish is for a pair of Black FILA tennis shoes.
Why this Wish:
By purchasing through Doing Good Works, clients of ours have made this wish possible for Mach!
About One Simple Wish:
Each year, over 400,000 children live in America’s foster care system, removed from their homes due to abuse, neglect and abandonment.  For many kids, being in foster care can be a very confusing and difficult time.
At One Simple Wish, they believe that every kid deserves a happy childhood.  We ask kids what they need to make their lives a little brighter and then we share those needs with you…so you can make it possible for kids to enjoy just being kids!