Experience grows as you do — You have to put yourself out there with no experience to get it

Experience grows as you do — You have to put yourself out there with no experience to get it

In this week’s Team Member Spotlight, we’re proud to introduce Anna. She exudes positivity and joy to Doing Good Works clients and team members. Anna is also our resident “foodie.” Hey Anna — we think your cooking show would be hilarious! Where can we watch it?

What is your position with Doing Good Works?

I am the Customer Experience Liaison — otherwise known as Customer Service. Anything customer-facing comes to me and I’m always ready to help where I can. One of the coolest things about my position is getting the chance to tell the Do Good’ers (our beautiful clients) their purchase of branded goods is making a difference.

I am also a part of the marketing team. The goal is to spread the greatness of Doing Good Works through social media and various marketing campaigns.

How did you come to work at Doing Good Works?

My last semester at Cal State Fullerton was about a year and a half ago, and I was looking for an opportunity that might lead to a full-time job offer. I was looking for job postings on CSUF’s job/internship search and saw that Doing Good Works was looking for a Marketing Intern. I reached out because I was a Communications major and the internship was right up my alley! And as you may have guessed, I got the internship! After about six months, Logan (Director of Customer Experience) talked to me about diving into the customer side of Doing Good Works and although intimidated at the time, I was ready for the experience. Now, I’m working at Doing Good Works as their full-time employee. 🙂

Doing Good Works is founded on the mission that every young person aging out of foster care deserves an equal chance to succeed and access to the networks and tools that can empower them. What does this mission mean to you?

Before I joined Doing Good Works, I was unaware that there was little to no support for foster youth who’ve aged out of the system. Becoming an adult and trying to figure out what you’re supposed to do with your life is difficult. It’s even more difficult if you don’t feel supported. For me, it is so important to have support (whether it came from family, friends, or mentors) — I would not have gotten to where I am in my current career/life without that support. So when I first learned about the mission, it became clear what type of “good” we’re doing. It is very empowering to be a part of a company that offers support to foster youth. You never really learn the details of how circumstances affect foster youth and suddenly I was able to get to know and communicate with youth who were affected and see how the support from Doing Good Works helped them. Support matters and we are here to give it.

What did you study in college?

Communications with a focus on Advertising + Marketing.

What are your career goals, now or for the future?

As of right now, I want to continue learning more about online marketing and branding. Thanks to Doing Good Works, I’m getting that experience and more! Whether it be contributing to social media marketing efforts or building new relationships and networking with like-minded companies, I’m taking every opportunity as they come. My future is still pending — as a matter of fact, culinary school is in my thoughts!

Can you share one example of how mentorship has made an impact in your life?

I was really insecure about how little “career experience” I had going into graduation. At this point in time, I had gotten rejected from several internship opportunities and was feeling hopeless. I remember reaching out to the career advisor at my college for support. She assured me that, “everyone has to start somewhere” and that I shouldn’t look at my resume as a label as someone with no experience because “Experience grows as you do. You have to be able to put yourself out there and go in with no experience in order to get it”. Talk about motivation, right? She gave me that push of self-determination to always keep trying.

How do you look to make an impact either through your work or in your life?

Something I would like is for people to see me as an overall positive person — that I infuse positivity through kind words, thoughts, and actions.

What are your hobbies and outside interests — what do you like to do when you are not working or not in school?

Cooking. I love trying out new recipes that I find online. If it turns out good, then I pretend I’m a chef in a cooking show! There is a part of me that thinks I would be a hilarious chef. People might think well, she doesn’t really know what she’s doing, but she’s willing to try!

Are there any recent accomplishments you are proud of that you can share — (anything from learning how to boil an egg to purchasing your first car!)

Going through and organizing photos and videos from 2014 until now! With COVID-19, I finally got the time to sit down and organize that more. That includes over 20,000 photos and videos. It was very easy to get sidetracked as I went through memory lane but I got through it and now my media life is organized!

What is your favorite book, tv show, or movie and why?

Ali Wong’s book, Dear Girls. I just find her hilarious and it’s a really fun read. I’m all in for a good laugh!

What is something unusual, surprising, or funny that people may not know about you?

Something surprising that people may not know about me is that.. Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch (I know a little German)! I took German as my foreign language in high school. I took it for 4 years and as a senior, I got to be an exchange student for a month.

**Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I don’t understand German anymore but I remember a few phrases.

What does Doing Good Works mean to you?

To keep it simple, it just feels right to do good. To do good for others, allows me to show love, kindness, and support. Plus, I’m a firm believer when good energy is reciprocated, it’s shared. The more good that goes around, will truly make the world a better place.