2018 Doing Good Business
Impact Report

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The Future is Bright

It’s not every day you meet someone like Ta’Hari.

Someone full of joy, love, and talent. Someone who acknowledges his struggles as crucial parts of his journey. Someone who is so much more than any label could convey — someone who uses his voice to make the world a better place. When Doing Good Works founders Jordan Bartlett and Scott Henderson met Ta’Hari over a year and a half ago, they recognized that a broken foster care system had failed yet another young man.

Ta’Hari had been homeless for two years after aging out of foster care, as too many young people find themselves. Around the time they met, Ta’Hari was close to securing an apartment but didn’t have enough funds available. Amy Bawden at Doing Good Works had already helped get him connected with a job at Disneyland, but he was still struggling to get a down payment together. With the help of a GoFundMe page and Doing Good Works’ support, he was able to get into a clean and safe apartment and even had funds to decorate it. Inspired by his resilience, Ta’Hari accepted a position on the DGW Customer Experience team taking client orders, attending sales meetings, helping with marketing strategy and accounting.

Wanting to give Ta’Hari more than employment, Doing Good Works also invested significant time mentoring him, exploring his wide range of skills and talents, helping to instill a strong work ethic with the courage and confidence to succeed in any situation. From meal planning and budgeting to time management and effective communication, the team at DGW helped Ta’Hari prepare for the next step in his future, creating a plan to help him accomplish his goals. Because of his readiness and determination, Ta’Hari recently obtained a full-time position with the United States Postal Service as a Mail Carrier.

Doing Good Works is proud of the accomplishments TaHari has made. He’s taught us so much while giving us true purpose in our business. We know many great things will come from his future endeavors, and we are honored to call him family.

Supporting Ta’Hari’s growth and development is a privilege
that Doing Good Works does not take lightly.
There are thousands of young adults across the country
that need our love and guidance.
We believe every young person aging out of foster care
deserves an equal chance to succeed and
access to the networks and tools that can empower them.

DGW Honors Organifi

San Diego Community Impact Award

Doing Good Works celebrated the commitment of Organifi towards uniting the world through health and happiness with the San Diego Community Impact Award.

Organifi’s dedication to making the San Diego community a little better for all residents, not only through their own endeavors, but also by supporting the mission of their partners to foster business as a force for good.

In just one year, Organifi doubled their purchases with Doing Good Works, in turn providing skills training, educational resources, and employment directly for two San Diego young adults. In addition, their support has helped expand manufacturing opportunities across the country creating sustainable job training and education for college students with developmental disabilities.

Partnering with our clients is the key to effecting long-term change to drive solutions forward with creativity and an entrepreneurial ethos.

Thank you, Organifi, for joining our community of changemakers passionate about to using business to create social change. When we work together in pursuit of the common good, we change the world.