It’s awesome to sell things for a greater purpose

It’s awesome to sell things for a greater purpose

This week’s team member spotlight is on Kyle! Kyle is a compassionate, self-motivated, go-getter who proves to exceed through any obstacle thrown his way.

What is your position with Doing Good Works?

I was Director of Operations at Custom Prints (the company acquired by Doing Good Works) — we did a lot of work with Doing Good Works in the last few years, essentially selling apparel. My partner and I founded the company in college — it was initially called College Prints. We were both in fraternities and thought we could make t-shirts ourselves since we were ordering them all the time. We had insane gross rates — we grew 300% the first year — and rebranded to CP Custom. During that time, Doing Good Works connected us with the best vendors. Now with the acquisition, I am a jack of all trades so my roles vary from sales to vendor management.

How did you come to work at Doing Good Works?

Scott (Doing Good Works Co-Founder) approached us about the acquisition last fall when our business was doing so well. At the time, we were wondering what is our “why” (as a business). Since college days, we were considering a give back fund — maybe establishing scholarships for students. So the acquisition made sense for us on that deeper level. It’s awesome to sell things, but it’s also awesome to sell for a greater purpose at the same time. The acquisition came through on January 1, 2020, and Sunny Yadav and I came along with the acquisition!

Doing Good Works is founded on the mission that every young person aging out of foster care deserves an equal chance to succeed and access to the networks and tools that can empower them. What does this mission mean to you?

Personally, I am still trying to learn more since I am so new. When Scott first told me the statistics around foster youth, and that so many end up incarcerated, I was pretty shocked. I was the first college graduate in my family and the importance of education is something I always strive for — with myself and for others. I’ve always been into self-development. And helping a population that has not been able to receive the same opportunities — it’s just a blessing to help people create their best potential version. I think you can evolve in life daily. So whether it’s helping youth financially, emotionally or just offering some advice — it’s a small thing that can go a very long way.

What did you study in college?

I graduated with a communications major with an emphasis in public relations, but double minored in business and journalism. I initially wanted to be a journalist but when I learned what the school paper required on a weekly basis, I thought, this isn’t for me!

What are your career goals, now or for the future?

I had a full-time job when I graduated but was still working with CP on the side. I worked for seven to eight months until we decided someone had to go full-time with the company. I made the decision I would be willing to take the risk and have been doing it full-time for a little over two years now. For the future, I think I have a really good opportunity to grow within Doing Good Works and see myself working with them for years to come. I am self-motivated, and if an opportunity presents itself I might pursue it. I would also love to move to Los Angeles this year or next. I’ve always had an interest in entertainment but am enjoying what I do now — working with Doing Good Works has changed my mindset towards working with companies that are purpose-driven.

Can you share one example of how mentorship has made an impact on your life?

This probably goes back to my sophomore year in college — I was a Resident Assistant and my supervisor gave me some great feedback. He told me, “the difference between a good leader and a great leader is that great leaders pay attention to the details.” That’s always stuck with me and I’ve applied it to everything I’ve done from work to relationship-building to networking — the small details I think make things come through. Especially when it comes to promotional products — the quality of the work and attention paid to the logistical work is imperative. Those small details are what make a difference in anything you do.

How do you look to make an impact either through your work or in your life?

I am Christian and my religion and practice informs me. It’s about being positive, open to new things, and being adaptable. It’s very easy when times get rough to fold but I think if you’re willing to put in the work and grind it out, it’s all worth it at the end of the day. I am passionate about what I do and the work I put out as well. But other things matter, too. I had been working with only one or two people (as opposed to twenty now) and was really burned out. So joining Doing Good Works gave me some time to think about other things that matter. I had been living the full-on entrepreneurial lifestyle, so it’s been nice to have a little break!

What are your hobbies and outside interests — what do you like to do when you are not working or not in school?

I love listening to music and going to music events. I do not think it matters what I am doing — it’s more about who I am with. The relationships with my friends and family are really important. I am really social and love going out with friends or having a night in filled with deep conversations.

Are there any recent accomplishments you are proud of that you can share — (anything from learning how to boil an egg to purchasing your first car!)

The whole acquisition is something that I am really proud of. For a couple of guys slinging shirts to becoming a significant enough company that someone was even interested in acquiring is just crazy. I’ve been able to reflect on my past and I’m really happy where I am right now. And I haven’t even reached my full potential.

What is your favorite book, tv show or movie and why?

Right now, my favorite tv show is Ozark on Netflix — I binged it really fast!

What is something unusual, surprising, or funny that people may not know about you?

It’s really random but I am 40% deaf in my left ear. I never let it affect me. When I was born there was a growth in my ear, and they had to do emergency surgery because it was heading towards my brain. I had a lot of surgeries as a kid and just decided to stop and manage the deficit in that ear.

What does Doing Good Works mean to you?

For me, it goes back to selling. It’s cool to sell things but also cool to sell for a bigger purpose. I take pride in that I am good at what I do, but that it can help impact on a larger scale and give back to those in need is something very special.